These speakers will amaze us with their visions for digital transformation:

Adam Kell

Cometlabs: Partner

Adam Kell is a rising star in Silicon Valley's investment scene. Forbes has listed him on its global "Top 30 under 30" list. His special focus: Artificial intelligence and robotics. As a partner at Comet Labs, Kell is one of the individuals who is driving the transformation of business. This also makes him one of the people who is making it necessary for you to transform. Hear firsthand about how Silicon Valley investors are putting pressure on conventional companies across industries: Kell's picture of the future reveals the digital transformation benchmarks for the next ten years.


Kilian Kleinschmidt

Innovation & Planning Agency: Founder & CEO

Kilian Kleinschmidt served as the "mayor" of Zaatari, the world's largest refugee camp. Kleinschmidt overcame the mafia-run chaos that defined the lives of the over 116,000 refugees by transforming passive recipients of aid services into active entrepreneurs, giving the people back their humanity and individuality. At Enabling Transformation 2017 he will show us what transformation pioneers in business can learn from his unique approach to change.

Simone Hessel

GE Digital Europe: Vice President Digital Transformation

"Let’s keep the data lake as big as possible: The bigger the lake, the more fish we can catch!" With challenges like this one, Simone Hessel is leading the digital transformation of the General Electric Group in Europe. She is tackling this challenge in a market where the company has previously utilized only 15% of its data. This is why Hessel argues for a strong IT mindset for digital transformation. The top manager is working hands-on to make GE a "digital industrial company“.


Dr. Stefan Wess

Empolis: Chief Executive Officer

Stefan Wess drives and – is driven by – digital transformation. His IT firm Empolis brings artificial intelligence into companies as a digital team member. Wess raises the bar for the digital transformation – and holds himself to this higher standard as well. Digital products alone won’t make a company digital – neither an SME nor a global player. Wess’ perspective: Even IT giants will be replaced if they don’t transform themselves. At the congress, Wess will speak about how one AI developer is driving digital transformation.

Dr. Elke Frank

Deutsche Telekom AG: Senior Vice President of HR Development

Dr. Elke Frank is considered to be one of the most important HR leaders in Germany. She acquired years of experience with Microsoft and is now at Deutsche Telekom. The multiple-award-winning manager has long stopped looking for candidates with seamless work histories. In the words of Dr. Frank: Leadership is the key to sustainability. The personal development of team members – even with all of its warts and wrinkles – is what enables the transformation of companies to happen.

Michael Garvens

Airport Köln/Bonn: Chief Executive Officer

Full-speed ahead to digital transformation: Michael Garvens is CEO of one of the most dynamic airports in Germany: the result of hard work – and nothing less than an excellent springboard for transforming the future of mobility. Michael Garvens on the digital airports of tomorrow.

Manuel Gerres

Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures GmbH: Managing Director


Georg Lange

Syngenta Crop Protection: Global BP Lead HR and OM

The HR revolution is in full swing: Virtually everything HR stands for today can be digitized – and will be within the next few years. Georg Lange is responsible for HR processes at Syngenta Crop, a leading global player in agribusiness and biotechnologies. At the conference he will reveal how HR can reinvent itself through the use of AI. The HR department will either become a driver for innovation and transformation … or there will be no place for it in tomorrow’s companies.

Markus Stelzmann

TELE Haase: Chief Executive Officer

Doing is like wanting, only more extreme. While others are still talking about transformation, this Viennese manufacturer of monitoring technology is making it happen. Its CEO is an “operational conductor,” it knows nothing of hierarchies, and it believes strategy can only hinder development and growth: This is why TELE-Haase doesn’t formulate any. Conductor Stelzmann will speak about leadership by conducting, his responsibility, and the question: How can this kind of culture coexist with the mindset of an engineer at a typical SME?

Felix Welling

VfL Wolfsburg-Fußball GmbH: Head of Business Development

The ball is always round, every game lasts 90 minutes … in an industry full of eternal truths, Felix Welling is driving transformation far beyond brand management and internationalization. Football club VfL Wolfsburg is positioning itself as one of the most important players in eSports. Its metamorphosis into a digital club is demolishing the traditional limits of the industry. Are we still talking about sports here?

Dr. Birgit Schneider-Bönninger

Department of Cultural Affairs Stuttgart: Director, Department of Cultural Affairs Stuttgart

How is digitalization changing the culture sector? Stuttgart’s Department of Cultural Affairs has transformed itself into a future lab to develop strategies and solutions for technological transformation. The program brings together cultural institutions, city residents, artists, companies, and research to create innovations for the urban culture hub of the future. Department director Dr. Birgit Schneider-Bönninger will speak about digital quantum leaps and reinventing culture in the age of AI.


Ronny Großjohann and Robert Harms

Siemens: Project Lead Factory Planning and Transformation & Head of Future Manufacturing Network Optimization

A transformation success story about gas turbines: Two Siemens planners are fighting for a gas turbine plant in Germany – precision work with gas turbines weighing tons. The task seems hopeless. The product had been developed years ago and now needed to be built in an entirely different factory and at lower production costs. As to be expected, a project likely to fail using classic means. Transformation success comes only after they abandon project plans, dissolve hierarchies, and give freedom to their employees. Ronny Grossjohann and Robert Harms from Siemens will speak about enabling transformation in industry.

Dr. Ursula Schütze-Kreilkamp

Deutsche Bahn AG: Head of Personnel Development Group Executives

The success or failure of digital transformation is decided by the human factor. This is why the challenge of digitalization itself goes far beyond pure IT issues. In dialogue with congress moderators, the Group Head of Personnel Development Group Executives for DB Mobility Logistics will give you key impulses for the discussions of the day.

Michael Carl

2b AHEAD ThinkTank: Managing Director

Michael Carl, Research Director of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, will lead the discussions during the congress and he will confront participants and speakers with the most important questions on transformation.


Sven Gábor Jánszky

2b AHEAD ThinkTank: Chairman

The noted futurist is the moderator of the 2b AHEAD Enabling Transformation Congress. With theses drawn from his own work, he will introduce the various aspects of the congress, and will conclude the event by condensing the most exciting revelations from this year's ThinkTank.

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